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Curries | Small Tray - Curries
Santa Monica

66. Kang Ped | Small Tray


Does not include rice. With peas, carrots, bamboo shoots, red bell pepper in a hot and spicy red curry, topped with Thai basil

Spice Level Choice:No Spice Thai Hot Hot Medium Mild
Protein Selection | Small Tray:Veggie Tofu Chicken Pork Beef Shrimp +$6Fish +$12Combo +$12Seafood +$21
Extra Add Ons | Small Tray Optional (up to 5):Broccoli +$4.50Beef +$9Peanuts +$4.50Duck +$12Mixed Vegetables +$6Eggplant +$4.50Pork +$9Tofu +$6Green Beans +$4.50Chicken +$9Egg +$4.50Shrimp (15 pcs.) +$12